Our homestead is home to more than 20 wild Hermann tortoises that roam freely and reproduce on our land. They have identification marks which allow us to monitor their territories and behaviors. We also nurse back to health injured tortoises.


Hermann’s tortoise is a species of tortoise with two known subspecies including the T. h. hercegovinensis, also known as the Dalmatian tortoise and which is found on the coasts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro. They apparently, derive from relict populations of the last ice age.

Between May and July, female Hermann’s tortoises leave between 2 and 12 eggs into nests that they dug into the soil. Young Hermann’s tortoises emerge between mid-August and early September and spend the first 4 or 5 years of their lives within just a few metres of their nests. Until they reach the age of 6 or 8, the Hermann tortoises are very vulnerable and can be eaten by rats, badgers, magpies, foxes and other predators. and may fall prey to rats, badgers, magpies, foxes, wild boar, and many other animals. Those who survived can live up to around 30 years.

If you find an injured tortoise, contact us, we may be able to take it and nurse it back to health.