About Us

Meet the couple who bought an abandoned century-old homestead in a sleepy hamlet in Montenegro and turned it into a little paradise showcasing circular and simple living.


Born in Lorraine (France), Alexandra got hooked by exploring the world and mingling with different cultures quite young. Before ending up unexpectedly in Montenegro, she called home respectively The Netherlands, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and Kenya where she met Scott lost among the peculiar Colobus monkeys. Having a passionate and creative mind, she also founded the social enterprise Znuggle and the NGO Zero Waste Montenegro.


Scott is Australian, he lived in New Guinea, Caledonia, Chili and Kenya among other places. He traveled over 70 countries and decided to stop moving around for a while when he came across Montenegro. He founded Montenegro Eco Adventures, which was one of very first ecotourism company in Montenegro back in 2014. For him, Drusici Homestead is not a home, it is a way of life, and he loves its energy every single day. He is the founder of the gin brand  Ginius in a Bottle.

Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.

This quote from A. Einstein couldn’t be more true. We have learned so much since we spend our days outdoors, from how everything work with each other, to the subtle changes in the ecosystem throughout the seasons, we don’t stop learning and still have so much to learn!

One thing is sure. It changed us. It made us realize how important it is to slow down, to enjoy everything we do, to treat even the smallest bug with great respect. To appreciate what nature gives us, what it teaches us. It is a beautiful experience that we love sharing with our visitors.

Alex and Scott were amazing. They were so welcoming and quickly made us feel at home. They really went out of their way to show us the beautiful local sites and invited us to social events with their friends. We really enjoyed our time and couldn’t think of a more authentic way to see Montenegro. Thanks so much for having us!!

Tammy & Aaron

 Highest recommendation. Scott and Alex are incredible hosts. Both Scott and Alex have a range of experiences and endless stories to share, they’re hard workers and their ambition is infectious. The food was all incredible and our music nights were nights I’ll probably never remember but I’m sure I enjoyed. The views from the property are quite incredible, many layers of rolling mountains can be seen for miles.


Alexandra and Scott were fantastic hosts throughout our stay, we enjoyed many great meals both inside and out by the fire on a nice evening. They made every effort to give us a true Montenegrin experience – we learnt about local history, food, Rakija, the country as a whole and much more.

Hannah & Rob